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At the beginning of each semester, one of our senior students is awarded a scholarship to help international students to find accommodation and other specific needs they may have at the beginning of their stay in Huesca. The email is:


If you are interested in this support for the search for accommodation, we recommend you contact it, and as soon as it was available he/she will contact you.


Almost all the accommodation in Huesca is private (private residences or rented appartments to share), with the exception of the Ramón Acín University Hall of residence.


The Ramón Acín University Hall of Residence has a good university atmosphere and a full-board diet (the places reserved are preferably for students staying in the full course).


For more information visit the website:

Colegio Mayor Ramón Acin

Calle Quinto Sertorio, Nº 14, 22002 HUESCA

Tf +34 974 22 72 11


In addition, this university residence is a good option to stay provisionally until you have definitive accommodation.